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Want $250 In Lysholm Loot? Buy Your System Now!

1. By Dec 31, 2010: Buy a complete Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging system from an authorized Lysholm dealer (between 10/01/2010 and 12/31/2010). The system must have a suggested retail price over $3,000.00.
2. By Jan 15, 2011: Fill out and mail the rebate form to Lysholm along with a copy of your purchase receipt and your completed supercharger warranty registration form (included with your supercharger system) to:

Lysholm Technologies
1650 Pacific Ave
Channel Islands, CA 93033

1. This offer only good for complete Lysholm Twin-Screw supercharging systems with a suggested retail price over $3,000.00.
2. Valid only for systems purchased through an authorized Lysholm dealer between 10/01/2010 and 12/31/2010.
3. Rebate forms must be postmarked by 1/15/2011 in order to qualify.
4. Offer good only in the United States and Canada.
5. This offer is limited to one rebate per household or address.
6. Void where prohibited by law.
7. Lysholm dealers or wholesalers are not eligible for this offer.
8. Lysholm Technologies is not responsible for lost, late, misspelled, misdirected, mutilated, or postage-due mail.
9. Please allow 6-8 weeks for rebate delivery. If you have not received your rebate after 8 weeks, please contact us at 1-805-247-0226.
10. Requests with invalid, undeliverable or post office box mailing addresses will be denied. Use of fictitious name or address could result in federal prosecution for U.S. Mail Fraud.
11. Consumer should retain copies of all paperwork as submitted material will not be returned.
12. Offer valid to end users only.

Lysholm Twin-Screw Superchargers @ The 14th Annual Mustangs At The Queen Mary Event…

It was a beautiful day, and a great turnout which was once again one of the best shows of the year. The Mustangs At The Queen Mary Event in Long Beach, California brings out all measure of Mustang & Ford enthusiast to see what is new and hot, and to showcase what they’ve got.

New for this year was the highly anticipated Vortech Supercharging System for the 2011 5.0L Mustang GT. Among the lineup of amazing cars that Vortech brought along with GTR High Performance was a newly Supercharged Race Red GT that drew a massive amount of attention throughout the show.

Another star of the show was the Street Scene Equipment Vortech Supercharged 2010 GT. Shining brightly in the Long Beach sun, this gorgeous car has got everything going for it – looks, style, speed, handling, and Vortech boost!

Many people expressed interest in the 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged GT500 belonging to Carlos Cortez, being that it was 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords selection for the recent Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge, and was stickered up and ready to race!

Phil Dore’s Terminator Cobra came to the show fresh off the dyno rollers at RET, where it made 631rwhp @14psi with his new 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System.

Oscar Zavala’s black on black GT convertible is Vortech Supercharged and Paxton Intercooled, drawing through an Anderson Power Pipe and feeding into his Accufab throttle body, Accufab Intake Plenum, and down into his built 4.6L engine.

Most people have seen Daniel Velarde’s airbrushed “Body Ink” 2010 Mustang GT either in magazines or on the internet, but it still never fails to draw a crowd of onlookers when seen in person. Daniel is now hooked on Paxton boosted power, thanks to his ride seeing more horses these days due to an intercooled Paxton NOVI 2200 System being installed, along with a Ford Racing throttle body and FR500S exhaust.

Manny Dubon’s ’96 Saleen Speedster is a beautiful example of why the Saleen name rose to popularity as fast as it did and has remained a fan favorite to this day. Manny’s car features the Vortech V-2 S-Trim High-Output Intercooled Supercharging System, Racecraft Suspension, UPR offroad pipe, and Borla Exhaust.

Eddie Garcia’s S351 Saleen is sporting some heavy equipment, having his original V-1 S-Trim Supercharger with Anderson Power Pipe bolted to an upgraded 408 cubic inch engine with AFR Heads, Hooker Headers, and various additional go fast goodies.

Bill Switzer’s beautiful red GT has been seen in our Blog before, and Bill brought it out to the Queen Mary to show off the fruits of his labor in person.

Everyone loves Bob Lee’s ’57 Ford. It’s classic body looks go unbelievably well with the polished engine compartment and Paxton NOVI Supercharging System under the hood. In addition to the Paxton Supercharger, Bob’s ride currently features a 351W engine with forged pistons & rods, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock aluminum “Air Gap” high-rise intake manifold, a Holley 4150 style carburetor, and a T10 toploader 4 speed transmission.

The first word that comes to mind when describing this sick Fox Body is CLEAN. Extremely well done with an immaculate engine compartment, the Vortech V-2 Supercharging System and Vortech fuel rails jump right at you along with the rest of the entire engine, which is polished in all the right places.

This Laser Red SN95 GT also had a nice, clean, and polished up engine compartment… complete with the compulsory Vortech V-2 System to bring the boost.

This green machine has quite a bit of customization done to it in addition to the Paxton NOVI 2200 Intercooled Supercharging System under the hood. Check out the flames, Killer Glass radiator hose, and the airbrushed gator on the underside of the hood!

This gorgeous Roush jumped into our freeway caravan on the way to the show, and he fit right in with his Vortech charge cooled V-2 Supercharging System whistling away under the hood just like the rest of our crew. The customized red accents under the hood really go a long way to set this car apart from so many others.

The Hillbank Motorsports Shelby CS8 was lookin’ fine all decked out with its Paxton/Shelby Supercharging System underhood.

This hot blue Fox Body has a lot going for it, with a nice stance, custom color paint, polished engine compartment, and a Paxton NOVI 2000 feeding the boost to it.

Another great Fox Body was this race ready example from Performance Associates. Cleaned up engine compartment, Vortech Supercharger, boxed intake manifold, and drag suspension made this car stand out nicely.

Going for a triple white theme, this convertible Fox featured white paint, white interior, and Cobra R wheels, along with a Vortech V-3 System, and an Edelbrock intake manifold.

Going in the complete opposite direction of the white Fox above, this super stealth GT had everything blacked out except for his Vortech Supercharger!

This silver GT is rocking an Aftercooled Vortech System, Anderson Power Pipe, Professional Products Intake Plenum, Cervinis hood, and Saleen S281 spoiler.

This GT was in a line of 3 Vortech Supercharged beauties in a row. Although the third car was silver, we can still think of it as an American boosted tribute…red, white (silver), and blue.

All in all it was a fun time and a great show…see you next year!

Phil From Magnaflow’s Terminator Cobra Makes More Power With Less Boost After Upgrading To Lysholm Twin-Screw Power…

Phil Dore, Product Manager for Magnaflow Exhaust is no stranger to aftermarket products that work. When it came time to buy a project car, Phil knew that a Terminator Cobra would be a great choice to not only use to showcase the great products that his company makes, but also to reach all of his personal horsepower and performance goals. After maxing out the factory Eaton Blower, Phil upgraded his blower to a competitor’s unit in his quest for more power. However, after suffering a blower failure, Phil turned to his friends at Vortech & GTR High Performance to try out their new Lysholm Twin-Screw 3.3L Supercharger Upgrade System.
Hoping to make similar power as his previous system with the potential to go for more at a later date, the new 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharger Upgrade System was more than up to the task, capable of supporting 800+ horsepower at over 25psi. After getting the install done at GTR, Phil brought his Terminator to Racer’s Edge Tuning for a custom dyno tune on their 224x Dynojet chassis dyno. Having made a respectable 575/490 at 16.5psi before his Lysholm upgrade, Phil was blown away to find he was making more power with less boost pressure than his previous setup! When all was said and done, Phil’s Cobra laid down 631 Horsepower & 529 Lbs. of Torque at only 14psi.

Phil says “I’m very happy with the 3.3L and would recommend it to anyone. I will get a smaller pulley later on for 20# + and get a c16 tune but 631/519 is a ton of power at only 14psi. This blower has a ton of potential!”

Phil wants to give a big thanks to Greg and RET, Vortech/Lysholm, and everyone at GTR High Performance!

Maxflow Power Pack for Shelby GT500 Now Available!

We know that not every Shelby GT500 owner wants to step straight up to our 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharger, but why deprive everyone of the quality products and Engineering that Vortech manufactures just because of that? Vortech has added to the successful line of Maxflow products by releasing the new Maxflow Power Pack for the 5.4L Shelby GT500. Now every GT500 owner can enjoy the power, performance, and quality of Vortech!

Developed for use with the OEM GT500 supercharger, throttle body, crank pulley, and fuel injectors, the Maxflow Power Pack provides a boost increase of ~4psi, and increases of 80-100+rwhp and 50-70+rwtq from the factory OEM supercharger pulley and air box combination.

Assembly Part Number 8E023-265

Kit Content and Features:

  • 123mm billet aluminum MAF Housing (Vortech P/N 8A003-111)
  • High flow air filter (6″ diameter flange x 9″ length)
  • 5″ silicone sleeves (matte black exterior) with appropriate stainless hose clamps
  • Black powder coated aluminum heat shield/MAF mount
  • High-quality 100% carbon fiber composite inlet duct (Vortech P/N 4LFR112-020)
    – Integrated breather and bypass fittings designed to mate up with OEM hoses

  • Auxiliary supercharger drive idler assembly
    – Additional idler provides increased belt wrap and stability
    – Idler position offer a wide range of adjustability
    – Billet Amuminum idler (dual bearings), mounting plate, and spacers
    – Allows for re-use of OEM length supercharger drive belt

  • Replacement supercharger drive pulley (Vortech P/N 4LFR031-265-01)
    – 2.65″ effective diamater
    – OEM fit and quality

  • Re-usable tool set
    – For removal of OEM Ford pulley and installation of replacement Vortech pulley

  • SCT ECU re-flash tool (Vortech P/N 5A003-062)
    – Pre-loaded with a safe, reliable calibration developed to work specifically with the Vortech supplied pulley, MAF and inlet components. Calibrations for both 91 and 93 octane fuel are loaded into the tool.

Currently released for 2008 model year. 2007, 2009, and 2010 model years coming soon.

aLL STaR Performance’s Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged 2011 Camaro Will Be The SEMA Car Build To Watch In 2010…

aLL STaR Performance is proud to announce their partnership with General Motors for the 2010 SEMA Show and the 2011 season.

aLL STaR Performance, led by Gene Marcel will be designing and building a truly unique 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS, which will make its debut at the 2011 SEMA Show. Marcel and his team are no strangers to the car customizing world, having started out in South Florida in the late 90’s and now continuing in Southern California. Since 1996, Gene and his team have been involved with a wide variety of automobiles ranging from two high profile Bomex Honda Accords to their latest 2010 project, an Infiniti G37 Coupe. In between those builds, the guys from aLL STaR have also designed, built and toured a tuner style Scion xB, a Euro styled Volvo S40, a VIP themed Infiniti G35, as well as a 2006 and 2009 Honda Fit.

There are plenty of things to get excited about with this build, starting off with the rendering done by the Gurnade Design Firm. Gurnade was in charge of taking a list of ideas from paper and working their magic to transform it into what you see in the rendering.

The aLL STaR Performance crew has joined forces with some of the top automotive players, all of whose products will be incorporated into the final build. Some of these brands include Lysholm Twin-Screw Superchargers, Forgestar Wheels, Baer brakes, Falken Tires, Air Lift Suspension, Extreme Dimensions, Dupont, American Racing Headers, Innovate Motorsports, Azentek, Status Racing, STACK, Autometer, Trent’s Trick Upholstry, MagnaFlow Exhaust Products, Webasto, Ignited HID, Light WurkZ, StreetGlow, Metra, Image Dynamics, TechAFX, S.P.E.C, Royal Purple and Real AutoWorks.

Some of the highlights to the aLL STaR Performance Chevrolet Camaro SS include a set of 22×11” Forgestar wheels, a custom set of Baer brakes, Air Lift digital suspension, Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharger and a custom paint mix thanks to Dupont.

Over the next few months leading up to the SEMA show the entire build will be documented by Marcel and his team. Be sure to keep up to date with progress on the aLL STaR Performance Chevrolet Camaro SS by following the entire build-up on the 2010 SEMA Project Build Ups page on Facebook!

Maxflow 5″ Air Inlet For ’03/’04 Terminator Cobras w/Lysholm 3.3L Systems…

The Maxflow 5″ Inlet is here! All you big boost, big power guys need to jump on this.

Part # 4LFR212-040 Includes 5″ Inlet Duct, 123mm MAF Housing, Air Filter, Heat Shield, and Mounting Hardware

For more information, please visit www.lysholm.us.

Lysholm Twin-Screw Superchargers @ the 30th Annual Mustang Roundup & All Ford Picnic…

The Mustang Roundup & All Ford Picnic is a show that we look forward to every year. Held in the Pacific Northwest, Ford enthusiasts of all ages from the Seattle & surrounding areas reaching all the way to California, Montana, and parts of Canada come together for 4 days of fun and camaraderie. A visit to Pacific Raceways for open track racing, then the Pony Trails cruise, dinner boat cruise, and a massive 2 day car show cap off the event.

Lysholm Distributor and track day sponsor Brad’s Custom Auto invited us to come out and participate with them at this great yearly event, and these are the results. We hope you enjoy it, and hope to see you there next year!

For more information, please visit http://www.lysholm.us/ or http://bradscustomauto.com/

GTR High Performance Puts The Screws To Their 5.3L Tahoe…

After seeing the power and torque that previous Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged GM Trucks put down on their dyno, Gonzalo from GTR High Performance decided that he had to have the same system on his own 2007 Tahoe. The Lysholm 2.3L Supercharging System comes complete, and makes ~7.5-8psi on an otherwise stock GM Truck/SUV.

The “before” dyno showing 262rwhp is with a Gibson cat back exhaust and a K&N cold air induction kit. The “after” dyno shows significant boosted power and torque, gaining an additional 132rwhp and 118rwtq, for a final boosted showing of 394rwhp and 400rwtq. Stock engine, 91 octane pump gas, with a conservative, daily drivable tune.

Interested in getting some Lysholm Twin-Screw boost on your 5.3L Chevy/GMC? Call up GTR High Performance, or your local Vortech/Paxton/Lysholm Twin-Screw Dealer for more information today!

Twin Screw Power!

The New Terminator Cobra 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Tuner Kit – You Know You Gotta Have This!

We know you’ve been asking. We have heard it for years – “When is someone like Vortech going to make a quality system for the Terminator Cobra?” Well, boys and girls…your wait is over, and the time has finally come. The new Lysholm 3.3L Twin Screw Supercharger Upgrade System is now available for the 2003-2004 Ford 4.6L 4V “Terminator” Cobras. This system is Vortech quality, and uses our Lysholm 3300AX compressor, which will support over 900 horsepower. The included Vortech Maxflow cast aluminum supercharger air inlet manifold flows as well as competitor’s additional cost upgrade manifold – no need to buy twice when you are ready to make power! All of our competitor’s systems make you buy a throttle body, we include one…a new Vortech Maxflow monoblade throttle body with 73% additional flow increase potential over the factory piece. We integrated a significantly larger bypass valve to reduce heat soak compared to the other guy’s kit as well. You can use your stock or aftermarket MAF, or our optional 5″ Cold Air Inlet Duct Assembly with 123mm MAF. Yes, it even fits under the stock hood.

Ready to step up? Check out the Lysholm website for more information HERE.

New Model Years Now Available For 5.3L Chevy Truck/SUV Twin-Screw Supercharging Systems…

The 2.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging Systems are now available for 2007-2010 5.3L Chevy/GM Truck/SUV. These systems are causing quite a stir with high performance installation shops across the country, as everyone that puts one on agrees that the Lysholm system is the best positive displacement supercharging system they have ever worked with.

Sport Truck Magazine stated – “If you mash the gas from a dead stop you might as well kiss the back tires goodbye as the supercharger just annihilates them.”

Quality components include:
Lysholm 2300AX Twin-Screw Supercharger with 3.80″ pulley, integrated bypass valve and actuator. The twin-screw design provides maximum low-end torque as well as far greater efficiency and horsepower gains compared to the traditional (as well as newer) roots-type blowers.

Supercharger drive assembly includes idler, drive belt and all hardware.

Fuel management upgrade includes a hand-held programmer (controls ignition timing and fuel enrichment), extruded aluminum replacement fuel rails, high-flow fuel injectors and braided stainless steel fuel hoses.

Integrated air/water charge cooler configuration features a closed loop water cooling system with a stand-alone pump, tank and front mounted heat exchanger. The aluminum charge cooler core features 50% more surface area than competitive kits for maximum temperature reduction.

Cast aluminum air inlet manifold mates to OEM throttle body.

High-flow bypass valve provides for increased compressor efficiency and temperature control.

Roto-molded air inlet ducting maintains factory appearance and joins the stock air box and MAF.

Complete bolt-on system includes all necessary belts, pulleys, fasteners, and a reusable high-flow air filter.

– 3-Year/36,000-mile powertrain limited warranty optional (coverage is from vehicle original in-service date).

Look for the 6.0L and 6.2L Truck/SUV systems to be available soon.

5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Selects Lysholm/Vortech GT500 As Its 2010 Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge Entry…

From the 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Blog:

Join us in congratulating Carlos Cortez of Simi Valley, California!

Carlos and his Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged 2007 Shelby GT500 will represent 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords magazine in the 2010 Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge (www.syntectopcarchallenge), an event that pits 5.0 against editors, enthusiasts and cars representing 5 other Source Interlink Media publications, to determine superiority in performance and driving tests.

A full feature with details on Carlos’ Lysholm Twin-Screw blown Shelby GT500 is coming in the September ’10 issue of 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords Magazine.

Make sure you stay tuned to the magazine, and check out video clips posted on the Top Car Challenge Web site (www.syntectopcarchallenge.com), for information on our preparation for the event, to vote for Carlos’ ‘Stang as your favorite (and the best) car in the competition, and, of course, for results on how we do against a tough field of Euro/Asian import cars.

Exciting times!

Lysholm Video Of The Week – 3.3L Lysholm GT500 On The Dyno At Racer’s Edge Tuning – 743RWHP…

This GT500 features a stock longblock with the 3.3L Lysholm/Vortech Twin-Screw Supercharger upgrade running 19.5psi of boost, Vortech carbon fiber cold air inlet w/123mm MAF, and a few other modifications. Tuned by Racer’s Edge Tuning, this beast made a jaw dropping 743RWHP!!!

Lysholm, Paxton, and Vortech strut their stuff at the 25th Annual Fabulous Fords Forever show @ Knott’s Berry Farm…

The 25th Anniversary of the Fabulous Fords Forever show at Knott’s Berry Farm was this past Sunday, April 25th…and it was a great show! The 3 brands of the Air Power Group – Lysholm Twin-Screw, Vortech Superchargers, and Paxton Automotive were there showing all the spectators and those in attendance what Ford performance is all about. Showcasing the new Lysholm Twin-Screw 3.3L GT500 System was Sean Roberts from Extreme Automotive, and his beautiful red Shelby drew crowds the whole day, as people were vocally surprised to see not only how well made the system was, and how clean the installation looks, but that a twin screw offering from a Vortech brand was now available for purchase. As one enthusiast stated “A Vortech twin-screw…it’s like all my prayers have been answered”. The event was truly a feast for the eyes of Ford performance enthusiasts of all ages.

Here is just a small sample of the vehicles that came out to show their Vortech/Paxton/Lysholm devotion:

Tjin Edition Roadshow Coming To A City & Event Near You…

GTR High Performance gives an ’08 GMC some Lysholm Twin-Screw Power…

GTR High Performance is a well known performance parts sales and installation center located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Being family owned and operated for over 13 years by brothers Gonzalo and Ricardo Topete, they have earned a devoted following that bring a variety of vehicles their way to modify and improve on a regular basis. In this case, when a customer brought in his 2008 GMC Sierra for some additional power gains, the boys knew exactly who to call. Having a long standing relationship with both Vortech and Paxton Superchargers, the guys at GTR couldn’t wait to try out a system from the company’s newest brand – Lysholm Twin-Screw. They picked up the phone and had a 2.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System ordered up straight away. The 2.3L system comes complete with everything you see here.

The results speak for themselves.

That’s right folks, nearly 140 Horsepower and 123 lb. Ft. Torque gain at the rear wheels. Stock engine, Flowmaster cat-back exhaust, 91 octane pump gas, with a conservative, daily drivable tune. The guys at GTR liked the Lysholm System so much, they ordered one of the 2.3L systems up for their own 2007 Chevy Tahoe! Interested in getting some Lysholm Twin-Screw boost on your 5.3L Chevy/GMC? Call up GTR High Performance, or your local Vortech/Paxton/Lysholm Twin-Screw Dealer for more information today!

Extreme Automotive’s 3.3L Blown Beast Lays Down Multiple 650+ RWHP Runs On the Dyno…

We followed up with Sean Roberts from Extreme Automotive as he brought his beautiful Torch Red Demon of a GT500 to a local Dynojet facility for backup dyno testing. Sean’s GT500 laid down back to back runs of over 650rwhp with a demonic fury equal to its bright red paint job.

Along with the Lysholm 3.3L Twin-Screw Supercharging system screaming like a boosted banshee under the hood, Sean’s ride is set up with Kooks 1 3/4″ long tube headers and 2 1/2″ exhaust, Vortech Maxflow carbon fiber air inlet, 123mm MAF housing, Vortech monoblade throttle body, dual Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pumps, and a custom Diablosport pump gas tune.

Lysholm GT500 Systems Putting Down Impressive Pump Gas Numbers All Around The U.S.A.

As the Lysholm Twin Screw Supercharging Systems for the Shelby GT500 are making their way into the hands of eagerly waiting enthusiasts, we are hearing nothing but good news from everyone about this unbelievable package!

Designed as a direct replacement for the smaller, less efficient factory compressor, the Lysholm 3300AX Twin Screw Supercharger will provide sizable gains whether your goal is a street brawler or a track monster!

Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio, Texas has been famous in the Mustang world for years. Owned and operated by famous drag racer and tuner Mike Murillo, these guys can help you reach any performance goal your heart desires. Their first opportunity to utilize the Lysholm Twin Screw on a GT500 was on this Torch Red beauty with white stripes.

The Lysholm 3300AX with a 4.0″ supercharger pulley and a JLT cold air inlet, combined with Bassani headers, X-Pipe, and exhaust, dual Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pumps, a Murillo Motorsports Aluminum Driveshaft, and a custom tune by Mike Murillo himself laid down 669rwhp and 610rwtq on Murillo’s MD-1750 Eddy Current Mustang Dynamometer on pump gas with a steady 11.8:1 air/fuel ratio.

Carlos C. from Southern California was one of the very first GT500 owners to receive the Lysholm Twin-Screw treatment on his black convertible beast. Having been tested at several power levels including a race gas tune that made over 712rwhp, today Carlos tears up the streets of SoCal with a 91 octane pump gas tune that produces 664rwhp and 595rwtq at 15psi.

In addition to the Lysholm 3300AX compressor upgrade, Carlos is also rocking the Vortech Maxflow carbon air inlet, Vortech monoblade throttle body, 123mm MAF housing, American Racing Headers 1 7/8″ long tube headers, 3″ Magnaflow exhaust, dual Boost-A-Pumps and a custom Diablosport tune.

A Shelby enthusiast from North Carolina, Luis V. sent us an email letting us know that his Shelby made 658rwhp on his local dyno after installing the Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System, Vortech Maxflow throttle body and carbon CAI, and he included these pictures showing how sweet the TruFiber Ram Air Hood looks that he got to go with it. We would love some additional information on your Shelby Luis…please get in touch with us when you can!

Synonymous with Mustang performance in Southern California, Extreme Automotive has a plethora of satisfied customers ready and willing to sing their praises. From a simple blower install, to a complete high horsepower engine build, Extreme Automotive can certainly get the job done. These days, Extreme’s owner Sean Roberts stalks the streets of the San Fernando Valley with this gorgeous Torch Red GT500.

Along with the Lysholm 3.3L Twin-Screw Supercharging system, Sean’s ride is armed with Kooks 1 3/4″ long tube headers and 2 1/2″ exhaust, Vortech Maxflow carbon fiber air inlet, 123mm MAF housing, Vortech monoblade throttle body, dual Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pumps, and a custom Diablosport pump gas tune. On Extreme’s own Dynapak 4000 Dynamometer, Sean’s car produced 665rwhp and 594rwtq at 15psi

Pete Espeut from Espeut Performance is the proud owner of the very first Lysholm Twin-Screw to be installed on a 2010 GT500, and he means business with it. To date, this menacing black beast has put 678rwhp and 647rwtq to the rollers on the Dynojet, and he is hoping to hurt a lot of feelings on the track soon once he gets the suspension dialed in and a cage put into the car.

So, the consensus is in…the Lysholm GT500 Supercharging Systems are a great upgrade for anyone that wants to raise the power output of their Shelby. When it comes to fit & finish, design, and ease of installation, not to mention appearance and efficiency…you can’t go wrong with Lysholm Twin-Screw technology. Don’t be the last GT500 owner in your area to make the switch to Lysholm Twin-Screw POWER!!!

R.M.C.R. in Colorado Installs 1st 2010 Silverado 5.3L System With Fantastic Results…

Rocky Mountain Competitive Research (or R.M.C.R. for short) in Colorado Springs installed their first Lysholm Twin-Screw system on a 2010 5.3L Chevy Silverado 4×4 with impressive results. “This Lysholm system is better than any other positive displacement kit we’ve ever installed” says R.M.C.R.’s Mike Wendling. “The completeness of it, the quality of the parts, and the way the system comes practically pre-assembled right out of the box was very impressive.”

The 2010 5.3L 4×4 was sold through Laramie GM Auto Center in Wyoming and brought to R.M.C.R. for custom dyno tuning with only 3 miles on the odometer. The results were an impressive 346rwhp and 408rwtq at 6psi on R.M.C.R’s Dynojet 224X chassis dyno.

The Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System includes the 2300AX compressor with integrated bypass valve and actuator, cast aluminum air inlet manifold and ducting, air-to-water charge cooler, all necessary hardware, and fuel system upgrades including fuel rails and injectors.

For more information, please contact:
Lysholm Twin Screw Superchargers
R.M.C.R. Performance
Laramie GM Auto Center