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Lysholm Twin-Screw Superchargers @ The 14th Annual Mustangs At The Queen Mary Event…

It was a beautiful day, and a great turnout which was once again one of the best shows of the year. The Mustangs At The Queen Mary Event in Long Beach, California brings out all measure of Mustang & Ford enthusiast to see what is new and hot, and to showcase what they’ve got.

New for this year was the highly anticipated Vortech Supercharging System for the 2011 5.0L Mustang GT. Among the lineup of amazing cars that Vortech brought along with GTR High Performance was a newly Supercharged Race Red GT that drew a massive amount of attention throughout the show.

Another star of the show was the Street Scene Equipment Vortech Supercharged 2010 GT. Shining brightly in the Long Beach sun, this gorgeous car has got everything going for it – looks, style, speed, handling, and Vortech boost!

Many people expressed interest in the 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged GT500 belonging to Carlos Cortez, being that it was 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords selection for the recent Castrol Syntec Top Car Challenge, and was stickered up and ready to race!

Phil Dore’s Terminator Cobra came to the show fresh off the dyno rollers at RET, where it made 631rwhp @14psi with his new 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System.

Oscar Zavala’s black on black GT convertible is Vortech Supercharged and Paxton Intercooled, drawing through an Anderson Power Pipe and feeding into his Accufab throttle body, Accufab Intake Plenum, and down into his built 4.6L engine.

Most people have seen Daniel Velarde’s airbrushed “Body Ink” 2010 Mustang GT either in magazines or on the internet, but it still never fails to draw a crowd of onlookers when seen in person. Daniel is now hooked on Paxton boosted power, thanks to his ride seeing more horses these days due to an intercooled Paxton NOVI 2200 System being installed, along with a Ford Racing throttle body and FR500S exhaust.

Manny Dubon’s ’96 Saleen Speedster is a beautiful example of why the Saleen name rose to popularity as fast as it did and has remained a fan favorite to this day. Manny’s car features the Vortech V-2 S-Trim High-Output Intercooled Supercharging System, Racecraft Suspension, UPR offroad pipe, and Borla Exhaust.

Eddie Garcia’s S351 Saleen is sporting some heavy equipment, having his original V-1 S-Trim Supercharger with Anderson Power Pipe bolted to an upgraded 408 cubic inch engine with AFR Heads, Hooker Headers, and various additional go fast goodies.

Bill Switzer’s beautiful red GT has been seen in our Blog before, and Bill brought it out to the Queen Mary to show off the fruits of his labor in person.

Everyone loves Bob Lee’s ’57 Ford. It’s classic body looks go unbelievably well with the polished engine compartment and Paxton NOVI Supercharging System under the hood. In addition to the Paxton Supercharger, Bob’s ride currently features a 351W engine with forged pistons & rods, Edelbrock aluminum heads, Edelbrock aluminum “Air Gap” high-rise intake manifold, a Holley 4150 style carburetor, and a T10 toploader 4 speed transmission.

The first word that comes to mind when describing this sick Fox Body is CLEAN. Extremely well done with an immaculate engine compartment, the Vortech V-2 Supercharging System and Vortech fuel rails jump right at you along with the rest of the entire engine, which is polished in all the right places.

This Laser Red SN95 GT also had a nice, clean, and polished up engine compartment… complete with the compulsory Vortech V-2 System to bring the boost.

This green machine has quite a bit of customization done to it in addition to the Paxton NOVI 2200 Intercooled Supercharging System under the hood. Check out the flames, Killer Glass radiator hose, and the airbrushed gator on the underside of the hood!

This gorgeous Roush jumped into our freeway caravan on the way to the show, and he fit right in with his Vortech charge cooled V-2 Supercharging System whistling away under the hood just like the rest of our crew. The customized red accents under the hood really go a long way to set this car apart from so many others.

The Hillbank Motorsports Shelby CS8 was lookin’ fine all decked out with its Paxton/Shelby Supercharging System underhood.

This hot blue Fox Body has a lot going for it, with a nice stance, custom color paint, polished engine compartment, and a Paxton NOVI 2000 feeding the boost to it.

Another great Fox Body was this race ready example from Performance Associates. Cleaned up engine compartment, Vortech Supercharger, boxed intake manifold, and drag suspension made this car stand out nicely.

Going for a triple white theme, this convertible Fox featured white paint, white interior, and Cobra R wheels, along with a Vortech V-3 System, and an Edelbrock intake manifold.

Going in the complete opposite direction of the white Fox above, this super stealth GT had everything blacked out except for his Vortech Supercharger!

This silver GT is rocking an Aftercooled Vortech System, Anderson Power Pipe, Professional Products Intake Plenum, Cervinis hood, and Saleen S281 spoiler.

This GT was in a line of 3 Vortech Supercharged beauties in a row. Although the third car was silver, we can still think of it as an American boosted tribute…red, white (silver), and blue.

All in all it was a fun time and a great show…see you next year!


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