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Phil From Magnaflow’s Terminator Cobra Makes More Power With Less Boost After Upgrading To Lysholm Twin-Screw Power…

Phil Dore, Product Manager for Magnaflow Exhaust is no stranger to aftermarket products that work. When it came time to buy a project car, Phil knew that a Terminator Cobra would be a great choice to not only use to showcase the great products that his company makes, but also to reach all of his personal horsepower and performance goals. After maxing out the factory Eaton Blower, Phil upgraded his blower to a competitor’s unit in his quest for more power. However, after suffering a blower failure, Phil turned to his friends at Vortech & GTR High Performance to try out their new Lysholm Twin-Screw 3.3L Supercharger Upgrade System.
Hoping to make similar power as his previous system with the potential to go for more at a later date, the new 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharger Upgrade System was more than up to the task, capable of supporting 800+ horsepower at over 25psi. After getting the install done at GTR, Phil brought his Terminator to Racer’s Edge Tuning for a custom dyno tune on their 224x Dynojet chassis dyno. Having made a respectable 575/490 at 16.5psi before his Lysholm upgrade, Phil was blown away to find he was making more power with less boost pressure than his previous setup! When all was said and done, Phil’s Cobra laid down 631 Horsepower & 529 Lbs. of Torque at only 14psi.

Phil says “I’m very happy with the 3.3L and would recommend it to anyone. I will get a smaller pulley later on for 20# + and get a c16 tune but 631/519 is a ton of power at only 14psi. This blower has a ton of potential!”

Phil wants to give a big thanks to Greg and RET, Vortech/Lysholm, and everyone at GTR High Performance!


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