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GTR High Performance Puts The Screws To Their 5.3L Tahoe…

After seeing the power and torque that previous Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharged GM Trucks put down on their dyno, Gonzalo from GTR High Performance decided that he had to have the same system on his own 2007 Tahoe. The Lysholm 2.3L Supercharging System comes complete, and makes ~7.5-8psi on an otherwise stock GM Truck/SUV.

The “before” dyno showing 262rwhp is with a Gibson cat back exhaust and a K&N cold air induction kit. The “after” dyno shows significant boosted power and torque, gaining an additional 132rwhp and 118rwtq, for a final boosted showing of 394rwhp and 400rwtq. Stock engine, 91 octane pump gas, with a conservative, daily drivable tune.

Interested in getting some Lysholm Twin-Screw boost on your 5.3L Chevy/GMC? Call up GTR High Performance, or your local Vortech/Paxton/Lysholm Twin-Screw Dealer for more information today!


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