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The New Terminator Cobra 3.3L Lysholm Twin-Screw Tuner Kit – You Know You Gotta Have This!

We know you’ve been asking. We have heard it for years – “When is someone like Vortech going to make a quality system for the Terminator Cobra?” Well, boys and girls…your wait is over, and the time has finally come. The new Lysholm 3.3L Twin Screw Supercharger Upgrade System is now available for the 2003-2004 Ford 4.6L 4V “Terminator” Cobras. This system is Vortech quality, and uses our Lysholm 3300AX compressor, which will support over 900 horsepower. The included Vortech Maxflow cast aluminum supercharger air inlet manifold flows as well as competitor’s additional cost upgrade manifold – no need to buy twice when you are ready to make power! All of our competitor’s systems make you buy a throttle body, we include one…a new Vortech Maxflow monoblade throttle body with 73% additional flow increase potential over the factory piece. We integrated a significantly larger bypass valve to reduce heat soak compared to the other guy’s kit as well. You can use your stock or aftermarket MAF, or our optional 5″ Cold Air Inlet Duct Assembly with 123mm MAF. Yes, it even fits under the stock hood.

Ready to step up? Check out the Lysholm website for more information HERE.


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