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Lysholm GT500 Systems Putting Down Impressive Pump Gas Numbers All Around The U.S.A.

As the Lysholm Twin Screw Supercharging Systems for the Shelby GT500 are making their way into the hands of eagerly waiting enthusiasts, we are hearing nothing but good news from everyone about this unbelievable package!

Designed as a direct replacement for the smaller, less efficient factory compressor, the Lysholm 3300AX Twin Screw Supercharger will provide sizable gains whether your goal is a street brawler or a track monster!

Murillo Motorsports in San Antonio, Texas has been famous in the Mustang world for years. Owned and operated by famous drag racer and tuner Mike Murillo, these guys can help you reach any performance goal your heart desires. Their first opportunity to utilize the Lysholm Twin Screw on a GT500 was on this Torch Red beauty with white stripes.

The Lysholm 3300AX with a 4.0″ supercharger pulley and a JLT cold air inlet, combined with Bassani headers, X-Pipe, and exhaust, dual Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pumps, a Murillo Motorsports Aluminum Driveshaft, and a custom tune by Mike Murillo himself laid down 669rwhp and 610rwtq on Murillo’s MD-1750 Eddy Current Mustang Dynamometer on pump gas with a steady 11.8:1 air/fuel ratio.

Carlos C. from Southern California was one of the very first GT500 owners to receive the Lysholm Twin-Screw treatment on his black convertible beast. Having been tested at several power levels including a race gas tune that made over 712rwhp, today Carlos tears up the streets of SoCal with a 91 octane pump gas tune that produces 664rwhp and 595rwtq at 15psi.

In addition to the Lysholm 3300AX compressor upgrade, Carlos is also rocking the Vortech Maxflow carbon air inlet, Vortech monoblade throttle body, 123mm MAF housing, American Racing Headers 1 7/8″ long tube headers, 3″ Magnaflow exhaust, dual Boost-A-Pumps and a custom Diablosport tune.

A Shelby enthusiast from North Carolina, Luis V. sent us an email letting us know that his Shelby made 658rwhp on his local dyno after installing the Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System, Vortech Maxflow throttle body and carbon CAI, and he included these pictures showing how sweet the TruFiber Ram Air Hood looks that he got to go with it. We would love some additional information on your Shelby Luis…please get in touch with us when you can!

Synonymous with Mustang performance in Southern California, Extreme Automotive has a plethora of satisfied customers ready and willing to sing their praises. From a simple blower install, to a complete high horsepower engine build, Extreme Automotive can certainly get the job done. These days, Extreme’s owner Sean Roberts stalks the streets of the San Fernando Valley with this gorgeous Torch Red GT500.

Along with the Lysholm 3.3L Twin-Screw Supercharging system, Sean’s ride is armed with Kooks 1 3/4″ long tube headers and 2 1/2″ exhaust, Vortech Maxflow carbon fiber air inlet, 123mm MAF housing, Vortech monoblade throttle body, dual Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pumps, and a custom Diablosport pump gas tune. On Extreme’s own Dynapak 4000 Dynamometer, Sean’s car produced 665rwhp and 594rwtq at 15psi

Pete Espeut from Espeut Performance is the proud owner of the very first Lysholm Twin-Screw to be installed on a 2010 GT500, and he means business with it. To date, this menacing black beast has put 678rwhp and 647rwtq to the rollers on the Dynojet, and he is hoping to hurt a lot of feelings on the track soon once he gets the suspension dialed in and a cage put into the car.

So, the consensus is in…the Lysholm GT500 Supercharging Systems are a great upgrade for anyone that wants to raise the power output of their Shelby. When it comes to fit & finish, design, and ease of installation, not to mention appearance and efficiency…you can’t go wrong with Lysholm Twin-Screw technology. Don’t be the last GT500 owner in your area to make the switch to Lysholm Twin-Screw POWER!!!


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  1. Luis Vasquez

    I am Luis V and I own the Grey GT500 in the picture posted above. I have done a few modifications to the car other than the supercharger. I let Vortech Superchargers use the car for the R&D and the did a full suspension on it. Since these pictures were taken it has gotten new wheels and a fresh paint job. I am very pleased with the power that the car makes with the upgraded blower but as the saying goes, I still want more.

    June 22, 2013 at 2:32 PM

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