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R.M.C.R. in Colorado Installs 1st 2010 Silverado 5.3L System With Fantastic Results…

Rocky Mountain Competitive Research (or R.M.C.R. for short) in Colorado Springs installed their first Lysholm Twin-Screw system on a 2010 5.3L Chevy Silverado 4×4 with impressive results. “This Lysholm system is better than any other positive displacement kit we’ve ever installed” says R.M.C.R.’s Mike Wendling. “The completeness of it, the quality of the parts, and the way the system comes practically pre-assembled right out of the box was very impressive.”

The 2010 5.3L 4×4 was sold through Laramie GM Auto Center in Wyoming and brought to R.M.C.R. for custom dyno tuning with only 3 miles on the odometer. The results were an impressive 346rwhp and 408rwtq at 6psi on R.M.C.R’s Dynojet 224X chassis dyno.

The Lysholm Twin-Screw Supercharging System includes the 2300AX compressor with integrated bypass valve and actuator, cast aluminum air inlet manifold and ducting, air-to-water charge cooler, all necessary hardware, and fuel system upgrades including fuel rails and injectors.

For more information, please contact:
Lysholm Twin Screw Superchargers
R.M.C.R. Performance
Laramie GM Auto Center


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